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When supplier invoicing process is done manually, there are few drawbacks.

  1. As this process is routine, people may find it tiresome.
  2. When bulk invoices are received, details entered may contain typographical errors.
  3. Inaccurate verification of details with the database is possible.
  4. Entry into the ERP data fields may contain flaws.
  5. Data uniformity may get missed when different persons involve in the process.
  6. Manual workflow may take much time.

To overcome all these difficulties, Emerging Alliance has come out with Robotic Process Automation tool.

Robotic Process Automation:

Supplier Invoices are extracted from Email, Workflows, or dedicated folder by the Robotic Process Automation. After extraction of the invoice, the robot will read the specific fields in the invoices which are to be updated in the ERP. Invoice details such as company code, supplier number, VAT etc. will be verified by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the database. If the cross checking is found correct, process moves to the next phase. Any ERP used by your company like SAP, Oracle etc will be opened by Robotic Process Automation and data will be uploaded in the fields required. After completion of invoices, a confirmation mail will be received for the invoices one by one or as a batch. A report with all posting details in Microsoft Excel is also available if required for your reference.

Benefits obtained:

  1. Perfect results are obtained with zero errors.
  2. Verification of details with the database is accurate.
  3. Data entered in ERP system is flawless.
  4. Resources required are very less compared to the manual process.
  5. Automation process is done within seconds, whereas the manual process takes much time.

Experience the time saving, error free and reduced resources working for supplier invoicing with our advanced robotic process automation tool.

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