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SAP B1 Licensing

Emerging Alliance is one of the best SAP Business One license provider with a demonstrated track record of 100+ successful ERP implementations & 1000+ active SAP B1 Users. The SAP Business One user licenses are granted on a named user type of licensed model. Each user can have the authority to access the system and there are basically 2 types of licenses, the Professional User and Limited User

SAP B1 Implementation

With 1575+ Projects Done & 12+ Years of Experience, Our Unique crafted implementation methodology deployed by our team ensures success in every Implementation. ERP implementations involve installing the software to the server, current state business process study, Data migration to the new system, configuring your users and processes, and training your users on the software

SAP B1 Support

Emerging Alliance HYPER Care is an industry-leading support program developed by Emerging Alliance. This flagship support program is what enables us to bring the most value to SAP Business One customers every day. Emerging Alliance HYPER Care is a huge part of why our customer engagement and retention rates remain so high. Your partnership with Emerging Alliance doesn't end after go-live, that's only the beginning of you realizing everything SAP Business One can do for your business. We want our customers to see the value of this technology and know you need support as you learn and grow and begin to see all that is possible with SAP Business One.

SAP B1 Customization

SAP Business One provides very flexible customization architecture, Standard functionalities of SAP Business One are sometimes not tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, thus customization of SAP B1 is needed. Our extensive experience in customizing SAP Business One allows our customers to fully engage and build a custom solution around SAP Business One that suits their specific requirements

SAP B1 Quality

The modern day business needs to integrate multiple application with a core ERP system like SAP Business One, the integration might be anything like factory machines, Banks, Third party portals & more to ensure there are no manual intervention which is non value add. In our 12+ years of experience we have mastered the art of integration and reduced the integration time by 80%

SAP B1 Hosting

Businesses can now access all the benefits of the SAP Business One on cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure without wanting to make long-term commitments or heavy capital expenses for the IT infrastructure. The cloud option is available for both SAP Business One versions, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP B1 HANA

SAP B1 Build
Operate Transfer

Our Build Operate Transfer service is unique but the most needed service for customers who look for 100% successful & adoption of SAP ERP system. We not only build & implement SAP for you but also operate over a period of time and seamless transfer to the users over a period of time ensuring a very smooth transition

SAP B1 Recovery & Reimplementation

A Gartner report states that 73% of ERP implemented globally are a failure and there are many reason which cause the failure, our recovery & reimplementation services ensure the investments made by the customers for SAP B1 is saved and the SAP B1 system is put to use as desired. Reimplementation can be a very time consuming process but our expertise & experience has ensured 100% turn in all the SAP B1 reimplementation exercise that was undertaken by us

SAP B1 Free Demo

Experience the power of Live SAP Business one ERP in action, with a 2 Hrs free demo. Check out the best-selling SAP B1 functionalities like SAP B1 Mobile app, Dashboards, email integrations, Microsoft integration & the ERP features. SAP B1 - try now & buy now

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