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In some cases, the purchasing process may be initiated by a purchase request document. The purchase request is an internal document used by the company’s employees requesting to purchase certain items or services by a certain date. The request might be for office equipment or to prepare for an upcoming sales event where additional items need to be on hand. The purchase request can later be used as a base document for creating purchase quotations or purchase orders.

Any good purchasing manager knows that purchases have to be carefully planned to obtain the best possible offer that fits the company’s needs. Before you make a purchase, you may want to survey a few vendors and see which one gives you a better price and better delivery options. The purchase quotation allows you to create an informal document to record quotations you are receiving from vendors. You can create purchase quotations individually or by using a wizard. For example, you are buying a new printer. Five known vendors sell this printer. You want to know how soon, in what quantity and at what price you can buy the new printer. Here are the steps of creating multiple purchase quotations to multiple vendors for your printer. To start the wizard, go to Purchasing-A/P and then select Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard. You can follow the steps in the wizard to set the relevant selection criteria for the items you plan to purchase, optionally specify possible vendors, and then run the wizard to generate purchase quotations. There is an option to create an online quotation that automatically sends an email to the vendors with a link to the purchase quotations. The vendor can update prices, quantities and delivery dates, and the information is sent back using the Integration Framework of SAP Business One.

Once the expiration date arrived, you can run the Purchase Quotation Comparison Report using Purchasing Report located under Purchasing-A/P. This report shows you all the purchase quotations you created, with the updated information received from the vendors, allowing you to choose the best offer and convert it into a purchase order.
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