Posted by : RICHARD DUFFY  on  2016-06-22 08:33:49

SAP BUSINESS ONE 9.0 has capability to create purchase requisition which can be used as a preliminary step for the whole purchase process in supply chain . Navigate to purchase menu and select the purchase request document. This purchase request will notify the purchase department of item need to be order the quantity and time frame in which the item is required. Provide the date and select the item number and required quantity in the purchase request document .SAP B1 also has the capability to let the requester know through email when the purchase order or the material is received .There is also a valued based approval available for any purchase request raised .Approved purchase request can be viewed in open purchase request document .The purchase request can be converted into a purchase order automatically. SAP Business one also has the capability to convert purchase request to purchase quotation .In SAP Business one the purchase request can be used for items and services in this business management software. 
In this video you will get to see the following features:
  1. Purchase Request
  2. List of items
  3. Message/Alerts Overview
  4. Request for Approval
  5. Purchase Request – Draft (approved)
  6. Purchase Request Report – Selection Criteria
  7. Alternative Items
  8. Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard
  9. Relationship Map
  10. Purchase Order 

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