Posted by : EA STAFF  on  2016-08-06 01:21:48

In this demonstration you will see How to Manage Budgets in SAP Business One and  you will  have an overview of How to Manage your Budgets in SAP Business One entails and the following concepts :
• Defining Budget Settings
• Defining Budget Distribution Methods
• Using Budget Scenarios
• Defining a Budget
• Working with Budgets
In this video you will see the following features:
1. General settings
2. Chart of accounts
3. G/l account details
4. Budget scenarios –setup
5. Posting periods
6. Copy budget scenarios
7. Import budget scenarios
8. Budget distribution methods-setup
9. Budget distribution methods
10. Budget scenarios definition
11. Form settings-budget scenarios –setup
12. Budget item details
13. Authorizations
14. Budget report- selection criteria
15. Budget report
16. Profit and loss statement budget report- selection criteria
17. Profit and loss statement budget report
18. Find g/l account
19. Segment codes-selection criteria
20. List of projects
21. Expanded selection criteria.
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