Posted by : RICHARD DUFFY on  2016-07-05 08:01:45

As a finance user in SAP BUSINESS ONE ERP user can setup finance cockpit. In the cockpit we can have standard or customized dashboards we can have reminders on open activities most commonly used functions and finally alert and approval. The key to the financial system is the chart of account and how the chart of account is setup with sap business one you have the great account of flexibility we can set up a segmented chart of account or very simple chart of account. Sap Business One has capability do journal entries you have automatic series of journal entry numbers or manual series unique to sap business one you can have every journal entries distributed. You can set a posting template and assign which accounts are going to impact.  Sap Business One ERP also has the capability to allocate transaction by cost center. Sap Business One ERP also has the capability to generate profit and Loss statement, trial balance and balance sheet in business management software.
In this video you will get to see the following features:
1.    Finance
2.    Customer Receivables Aging
3.    Financial Report
4.    Chart of accounts
5.    Account Balance – Sales Revenue
6.    Journal Entry
7.    Activity -  Activity types setup
8.    List of G/L Accounts
9.    Posting Templates
10.     Budget Scenario Definition
11.     Budget Scenario Setup
12.     Copy Budget Scenarios
13.     Budget Distribution Methods – Setup
14.     Budget Item Details
15.     Cost centers – Setup
16.     Cost Center Report – Selection Criteria
17.     Distribution Rules – Setup
18.     Transaction Journal Report – Selection Criteria
19.     Transaction Journal Report
20.     Trial Balance – Selection Criteria
21.     Expanded Selection Criteria
22.     Trial Balance
23.     List of posting periods
24.     Profit and Loss Statement – Selection Criteria
25.     Profit and Loss Statement
26.     Layout Designer – Selection Criteria
27.     Default Layout
28.     List of users
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