Posted by : EA STAFF  on  2016-07-27 01:59:35

In this demonstration you will have an overview of what the special prices in SAP Business One defines. The following special prices are Defining Discounts Percentages for Business Partner,
Defining Validity Periods for Special Prices, Defining Quantity-Dependent Special Prices, Defining Period Discounts and Volume Discounts for Price List, Defining Item Discount Groups and Copying and Updated Specials Globally.
In this video you will see the following features:
  1. Price lists
  2. Item master data
  3. Business partner master data
  4. Sales order
  5. List of items
  6. Period and volume discounts
  7. Period discounts
  8. Volume discounts for price list
  9. Special prices - items - selection criteria
  10.  Form settings - sales order
  11.  Changing descriptions
  12.  Special prices for business partners
  13.  Special prices - item - selection criteria
  14.  Copy discounts
  15.  Copy special prices to selection criteria
  16.  List of business partner
  17.  List of alternative items and catalog numbers
  18.  Properties
  19.  Update special prices globally
  20.  Discount groups
  21.  Choose business partner
  22.  Update parent item prices - selection criteria
  23.  Bill of materials
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