Posted by : EA STAFF  on  2016-07-13 04:01:26

We are going to work with SAP BUSINESS ONE ERP campaign management. This is the new functionality in SAP Business One where we are going to discuss the following concepts creating and maintaining target group, creating a campaign using the campaign generating wizard, managing the campaign data, generating leads and sales opportunities directly from the campaign and analyzing campaigns based on the campaign list report.
In this video you will see the following features.
  1. Target group setup
  2. Target group details
  3. List of business partners
  4. Import from excel
  5. Campaign generation wizard
  6. List of target groups
  7. List of employees
  8. List of items
  9. Business Partners
  10.  Business master data
  11.  Campaign
  12.  Activators overview for business partners
  13.  Activity
  14.  List of sales order
  15.  Sales order
  16.  Partners setup
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