Posted by : MILNER BROWNE on  2016-08-04 01:58:46

In this demonstration you will see SAP Business One and  how to create and maintain a budget and budget scenarios, how to use budget scenarios for comparison reporting and managing expenditure. In this video you will see the following features:
1.General settings
2.Alert management
3.Approval template –setup
4.Budget scenarios –setup
5.Budget distribution methods-setup
6.List of budget distribution
7.Budget scenarios –setup(scenarios-main budget)
8.Purchase order
9.Message/alert overview
10.Budget report-selection criteria
11.Budget report
12.Profit and loss statement budget report –selection criteria
13.Balance sheet-budget report-selection criteria
14.Balance sheet-budget report
15.Trial  Balance sheet-budget report-selection criteria
16.Chart of account
17.Budget scenario definition
18.SAP  business one data transfer work bench
19.Data import wizard
20.Budget item details
21.Query generator
22.Choose from list.