Posted by : RICHARD DUFFY on  2016-07-05 08:24:41

Sap business one ERP has the ability to manage inventory with bin locations in business process. sap business one will enable to   see how easy to manage a multi bin location system in the fully embedded business process for the business one. In this video you will get to see the following features.
  1. Goods Receipt purchase order
  2. List of business partner
  3. List of items
  4. Bin location allocation –receipt
  5. List of bin location
  6. Inventory
  7. Inventory Reports
  8. Bin location content list-selection criteria
  9. Inventory posting list by warehouse code
  10. Sales order
  11. Pick and pack  manage –selection criteria
  12. Pick list generation wizard
  13. Delivery
  14. Bin location allocation -issues
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