Posted by : EA STAFF  on  2016-08-03 04:07:24

In this demonstration you will see the following concepts
 SAP Business One alert  overview:
1.manage your business proactively
2.activate alerts to automatically send an internal or external messages, by email, sms, or fax
3.Alerts notify the appropriate parties; they do not stop a document from being posted.
4.Create different types of user defined alerts according to your specification
5.Modify or deactivate alerts at any time 
6.Alert management
SAP Business One authorization overview:
1.A Superuser has full authorization for all functions
2.By default a new user has no authorizations
3.You can restrict user access to documents
4.Easily copy one authorization from one user to another.
SAP Business one provides following authorizations:
1.Full authorization
2.No authorization
3.Read only
In this video you will see the following features:
1.general settings
2.alert management
3.List of define alerts
4.Sales order
5.Message/alert overview
6.List of business partners
7.Users setup
9.Authorization groups
10.Purchase order
11.Business partner master data
12.Permission override
13.Incoming payments
14.Copy authorizations