Posted by: KC on  13th September 2017


The Road to buying software is tough to navigate, and it’s easy to get lost along the way. With tens of thousands of business software programs available, how do you know which direction to go? Emerging Alliance has mapped out a guide to finding the best software for your organization. Happy travels!

1. Evaluate Processes

  • Tip 1: Model your business processes
  • Tip 2: Seek out input from power users
  • Tip 3: Catalog all inefficiencies you find

2. Define Requirements

  • Create a feature needs list
  • Identify a rough project budget
  • Set a target go live date

3. Source options

       How do you find relevant software options? Great sources Include peer recommendations, trusted industry groups & online software matching services

4. Conduct Review

  • Have Conversations with providers of relevant software
  • Study the product literature and case studies provided by sellers
  • Demo the most relevant options from your review group

5. Select from proposals

  • Consider the overall value in terms of software fit & pricing
  • Make sure to understand what support & install services are covered
  • Think about scalability and how each solution will adapt to future needs
  • Check references to make your final decision with confindence

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