Posted by: BALA on  4th September 2017

Why Small and Medium Size Enterprise Should Use ERP SOFTWARE (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)

The ability to choose a month, including all financial statements, Promotes efficiency and cost saving in the back office.
Best in class companies (Top 20%) are able to close in 3.1 days. Compared to 5 days for Average Companies & 8.7 days for laggards (Bottom 30%) of Companies Surveyed.
Collecting cash more quickly leads to be better ability to invest in order to grow the business.
Delivering to customer on time is paramount to retaining customers
Percentage of on time and complete delivery.
  • Laggards-83%
  • Average-91%
  • Best-in-class-96%
ERP provides complete visibility into both supply and demand, allowing best in class companies to meet customer delivery requirements 96% of the time. Thereby Retaining more satisfied customers.
RESULT: For Companies with ERP, the increase in profitability for the top 20% is more than twice that of, Average companies , with Laggards exhibiting no change in profitability.
  • 0% Laggards
  • 8% Average
  • 18% Best-in-class
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