Posted by: RAMAN  on  6th August 2016


Why fashion ERP is important for inventory control?

Dealing with inventory in the fashion industry isn’t easy, especially when you have to monitor and control so many variations of the same product .managing colors, sizes can quickly become stressful especially if it is being done in the traditional, manual way.


Lost time:
You want to know how much stock you have and where it is unfortunately with manual systems you have can spend more time searching than being productive.
Endless product codes:
It becomes difficult to be fast and efficient in managing stock levels for sales, ordering and manufacturing with so many product codes for individual items.
No concrete data to work with:
Not having solid data affects your whole business. Sales won’t know in real-time what stock is available to order, operations won’t have a clear indication of material availability and management find it hard to make confident, well- founded decisions.
What an ERP system does:
Small –x2,x33,x12,x7
Medium  -x19,x25,x58,x1
Large –x4,x47,x31,x16
Gives your sales team inventory levels and crucial information in real-time and all time variants under one style code.
Keeping product variants under one style code makes sales and ordering processes accurate, faster and easier.
Meaning customers receive the correct goods on time
All the relevant people and departments in your business have the right information to work with boosting everyone efficiency.
Materials are only ordered as necessary which boosts cash flow
Management gains thorough insight about inventory control and is able to take action effectively and your business runs like clockwise.