Posted by: RAMAN  on  4th August 2016


Bridge the project management gap between finance & operations:

Different departments, different needs
1. Manage different billing requirements by customer.
2. Track costs by projects ,department& company.
3. Analyze the profitability by project and business unit.
4. Review actual project costs & time.
5. Obtain current and future resource utilization rates.
6. Access project statuses in real-time.
By keeping these activities separate there is a greater risk that tasks related to a particular project will be miscalculated or forgotten all together.

Ensure project follow-up and effective resource utilization:

With tools that integrate both teams everyone in the organization will speak the same language and have the right information at the right time when analyzing, planning and managing projects.
- Extensive reporting: for all aspects of your organization.
- Real-time updates: based on actual to date.
- Integrated systems: timesheets and project management tools.