Posted by: KC on  28th July 2016

Business benefits of hosted ERP solution for small and midsize organization.

Today's small and midsize organization increasingly looking for more flexible and cost- effective ways to run their business.
Hosted ERP solutions shift much of the burden of ongoing software from the customer to solution providers, which provides many benefits which includes:
1. Reduced initial up shift investment and lower the total cost of ownership for the customer.
2. Improved access to software upgrades and innovations by their software vendor.
3. Faster time -to -value through rapid development of the application.
4. Reduced staff cost and the ability of redeploy the IT support tasks to more value creating cooperative initiatives.

What is ERP Hosted?

Hosting is the software deployment and subscription model in which an application resides on the software provider’s remote servers, rather than customer's onsite server.

Benefits of hosted ERP.

1. Make changes on demand.
2. Minimized initial investment.
3. Accelerate and increase return on investment of the application.
4. Seamless upgrades.
5. Reduced dependence on internal IT resources.