Posted by: RAMAN on  29th November 2016



Refining and reinventing your supply chain can increase profits, reduce wastage and improve customer satisfaction. No supply chain is ever perfect and there are always steps you can take in order to deliver improved performance.


Any steps to improve supply chain management should follow these four steps:


STEP 1: Increase trust amongst vital links in the supply chain.


► Every new partner added to the supply chain must be advised of key processes to ensure they fit naturally into the chain.

► Involve employees in processes, educate them on your systems and request feedback on how to improve the processes.


STEP 2: Increase the exchange of information.


Get rid of Excel. For high-level data, Excel can’t provide enough information on the supply chain, or help you to make key decisions at scale. Instead, invest in supply chain management software.

To help track your products consider


►Voice Picking


►Warehouse Automation System

►Warehouse Management Systems


SMS messaging can be used to quickly share important information such as delays in deliveries, stock updates, unfulfilled orders or technical problem.


STEP 3: Manage the supply chain as one overall unified process.


► Cloud-based supply chain system can help to reduce costs and allow for faster access o key data across the supply chain.

► Not everyone will be front of a computer, but most people will have their phone, so use SMS messaging to reach everyone at once when you have an important announcement.


STEP 4: Identify and implement radical transformation for added value.


► Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so any underperforming systems must be changed. For example, if your servers don’t have 100% uptime, then upgrade them.

► Don’t be afraid to change or remove suppliers if they do not add value. Be ruthless, to get the best results and don’t wait for suppliers to make errors as by then it’s too late.


STEP 5: Get buy-in from the whole business.


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